About Us

Muskulos Pharma was established in 2018, with a team of eminent industry experts. We are a biopharmaceutical company that develops and manufactures superior quality Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) and are proud of our German antecedants. Muskulos Pharma has attained the highest standards in its manufacturing facilities, with state of the art technology and processes (here some certifications related to pharma industry need to be mentioned, as well as ISO, GMP etc. and if CE and FDA are available), a highly qualified and experienced team and a modern infrastructure. In a relatively short period of 3 years, we have managed to earn a positive reputation due to our superior and effective product quality, on time deliveries and our range of formulations.

How does Muskulos Stand Out?

In a segment flooded with inferior and cheaper products, Muskulos takes pride in providing the proper solutions that are not only safe and effective, but are certified and standardized. Our products are based on years of research in this field, sieved through well-established research documents, to find the best formulation that is risk free. We source the best quality and authentic raw materials, further test them for their purity, and only then use them in our formulations. Our highest standard of quality ensures non-toxic and effective formulations. Use of MCT coconut/palm kernel oil ensures that our formulations are easily digested and quickly absorbed by the blood stream, hence delivering maximum benefits. Your safety is our priority, and keeping that in mind, we provide the safest and best quality products that satisfy your conditions, and makes you come back for more.

Our Vision and Mission

Muskulos Pharmaceuticals aims to provide the best in class PEDs using high performing and reliable German Technology to its consumers. Safety is our priority. We seek to be a world class global pharmaceutical company built on the foundation of an experienced team of eminent experts, cutting edge German technology, latest infrastructure – all on the backbone of current and exhaustive scientific research.

Our offerings include Injectable and Oral PEDs, that are safe, of superior quality and deliver what is promised.

About Muskulospharma

Muskulospharma is a well-known and a renowned bio-pharmaceutical company that provides the pure and genuine products. At Muskulospharma, we strive to increase the availability of authentic generic medicines to the general people at affordable prices. Muskulospharma promises to provide powerful steroid formulations with superior quality. Which enables one to build a better physique. There are a lot of hoax companies selling mediocre products which may prove to be unsafe for health. We promise to provide safe and effective steroids with complete satisfaction. Our work in the pharmaceutical formulations has given us an honest and reputed name in a short span of time. All of our products are first tested in the labs to ensure that they are safe and non-toxic. They are also tested for their efficacy. We promise to provide fast and hassle-free deliveries with utmost customer satisfaction.